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ACRA’s Service Department is a group of true problem-solvers.  They have the amazing opportunity to go out and help the community in their homes and offices.  When something electrical goes wrong, the service team steps in to take care of problems.


Some of the specialties the service division works with every week are: panel repairs and replacements, service upgrades, lighting maintenance and efficiency, lightning and surge suppression, remodels and additions, generator hookups, and electric car outlets.


Panel Repair & REPLACEMENT

Out-of-date panels need to be replaced, bringing the electric for the house up to current code requirements, sometimes required by insurance companies and other times at the time of house sale.  Whatever reason you have for needing a panel change, we are experts in working with the local municipalities and power companies to get your panel changed out.


Other items can also need replacement, whether they have gone bad or have been involved in storm damage.  Meter sockets and electrical risers are regular victims of storm related damage.



Whether you’re looking to upgrade your lighting or just maintain it, we are available to keep your spaces looking great.  From indoor and outdoor lamp and ballast replacement to full on fixture replacement, we do it all in the Service Division, even down to repair or replacement of switches, outlets, and photocells.


For commercial customers, we are prepared to work on parking lot pole lights and indoor and outdoor lighting maintenance, as well.


Upgrading fixtures to more modern and energy efficient lighting is a great way to liven up a room and look forward to future savings in energy bills, too!  Current technology uses LED bulbs which use about 75% less energy than the old, inefficient bulbs you may still have in your fixtures.



Protecting our homes and buildings from lightning is a big deal in Florida.  With our frequent thunderstorms, lightning is always a source of problems for electrical systems in our area.  Our Service Department supplies and installs Lightning Arrestor and TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor) for added protection for your valuable electrical devices and systems.



Our team is capable of working on all types of renovations.  From small to large, we will take care of your space!



If you have a generator you need hooked up to your home, we can provide the tools and mechanisms to get that powering your house in an emergency.



As our fuel sources evolve, cars are increasingly requiring special receptacles for charging electric cars.  We can work with you to figure out what is needed for your vehicle and offer options for keeping your car charged using your home or office’s electrical system.

CALL US: 239 542-1624

842 SE 46th Lane

Cape Coral, FL 33904

CALL US: 239 542-1624

842 SE 46th Lane

Cape Coral, FL 33904


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